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Blood transports:   O2, hormones, food, antibodies and removes cellular waste.

Helps Fluids and Electrolyte, Body Temperature,      and Regulates —- Acid-Base.

Produced in the Bone Marrow

Reticulocytes are babes.

Red Blood Cells mature quickly

They grow up in 2-3 days (live for 120)

Building blocks of RBCs are Iron, Folate, Vitamin B12, and Protein

Lack of only one of these components will result in blood deficiency.

One third of all red cells contain Hemoglobin

The trucks responsible to supply Oxygen

Poor production, Loss, Destruction are the major causes of anemia.

Poor production can be due to Chronic kidney failure: No erythropoietin.

Poor nutrition, malabsorption, building block essentials come from the diet that is eaten.

Losses come from hemorrhage                       GU or GI.

Severe nose bleeds or trauma,             replace the blood or else die!

Destruction of the cells take place with heart valves, sickle cell or thalassemia.

Patients will be pale and weak

Chest pain and dyspneic, with major fatigue.

Nursing interventions: Identify the cause

Supplements, replacement of the missing building blocks.

Prioritize activities and teach the patients how to beat anemia!

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