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Inspires Readers in, I Never Walk the Halls Alone

Donna Kincheloe, a nurse with 39 years experience, has had the privilege to comfort many who have experienced trials in their lives.

In her book I Never Walk the Halls Alone, Donna shares intimate stories of precious people of faith who have survived life crises.

It is her desire to offer encouragement and coping mechanisms to her readers in the event that situations presented are familiar. Donna believes that some of the greatest life-lessons come from the personal experience that others choose to share. Each one of us has a personal library with books stuffed full of explicit experience.

If these books from our private collections never leave the shelves, the lessons lie dormant, and any potential benefit to any other life is lost. Why not reach for Donna’s book? You may find treasures to enrich your life or touch the lives of those you love.