Nursing Measures

One morning before I was to teach fluids and electrolytes in Med-Surg II, I jotted down some lyrics to familiar tunes. At one point in my lecture presentation I could see the students were getting tired for we met after lunch. Thus, I announced I had a surprise for them and began to sing my songs. The class went wild with laughter and have encouraged me ever since to create a CD with nursing concepts and great music.

Nursing Measures is complete! Thanks to my students and talented friends: Cindy, Steve, Ray, Debbie and Will. Learn Acute Renal Failure to Alexander’s Ragtime Band. Learn some EKG rhythms to Shine On, Shine on Harvest Moon.

There are 14 upbeat songs that cover main concepts of nursing. This is a unique gift for any practicing nurse and a great learning tool for any nursing student. Enjoy, laugh, learn and sing your way to success!

Price: $20.00